Vans x Simpsons All 14 Releasing

We have had previous posts on some of the Vans x Simpsons series created by different artist. Now thanks to Slam we have a full preview of all 14 Vans x Simpsons releasing. Although 14 different designs were done, 5 different models of Vans were used. Size range is 8-12 and no half sizes. One of the best features is the boxes, which you can see after the jump.

Vans x Simpsons All 14 Releasing
Vans x Simpsons All 14 Releasing


  1. dawm i pissed vans killed these they suck so bad. i wish these were air forces or dunks then that would have been sick

  2. i dont think little kids in sweatshops in indonesia know who the simpsons are, that why vans did them and not nike.


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