Vans Vault Fall 2009 - Peacoat LX

Here’s a look at the Vans Vault Peacoat LX from the Fall 2009 line. This sneaker fuses the classic silhouette of the Chukka with the aesthetics of a traditional peacoat. For those unfamiliar with this type of coat, it is most notable for its several buttons and wool material. This model incorporates this design where wool is wrapped around the upper and black sailor buttons appear on the sides. The Peacoat LX is available in three different colors, grey, black and navy. Each also includes black laces and eyelets. Unfortunatley, the Peacoat LX isn’t scheduled to release anytime soon, but is expect for another the upcoming months.

Vans Vault Fall 2009 - Peacoat LX

Vans Vault Fall 2009 - Peacoat LX

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  1. Wait wait wait!

    DId these release yet?!?! FALL 2009?!? i thought they released already!

    someone info please!