Some of what the Vans brand had in store for us in 2010 included a Spring City Pack, that picked up where City Packs of the past left off. This time around, however, Vans honors the city of Chicago in a slightly different way. Vans has decided to team up with Major League Baseball to the tune of a collection of Vans sneakers commemorating opening day of different MLB teams. Pictured here is a Vans Vault Chukka LX that has been done-up in the Chicago White Sox theme. As of now, this sneaker is limited to twelve pairs, with a matching baseball jersey, and will be made available next Monday, April 5th, from one specific location. Click after the jump to find some more pictures of this shoe, as well as the identity of one shop that promises to have these in stock. And remember to stay tuned for looks at other anticipated MLB teams’ Vans sneakers.

Via SaintAlfred.