Vans Halloween Pack

The annual slew of Halloween inspired sneakers slowly make their way onto the blog with the most recent being Vans. After already seeing a few of Nike’s collection, the Vans Halloween Pack consists of the Sk8-Hi and another unidentified high top model. Each, consist of the traditional black and orange color-way as well as a pumpkin logo accents. Look for the Halloween Pack to drop in a few weeks. Via hs.


  1. okay you ppl need to realize that its a free world and ppl can like whatever the fuck they like . so dont be typing rude opinions just keep it to urself . i like the first ones .

  2. these are dope …. Fuck all these hypebeast stop hating just because it doesn't have a jump man or a swoosh. Vans is a respectable shoe company that has been around forever making quality shoes. If you know anything about clothing you wouldn't talk so much shit.

  3. word..yea yall nedda stop hatin. is a respectable shoe since there brand is in all categories. Jordans are for the dumb people who buy it jus becuz it cost alot and they can brag about it. it use to be a basketball shoe. But VANS always stuck to there skateboarding roots


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