Vans Half Cab - 20th Anniversary - Supreme Exclusive-1

In addition to the Fall line-up of the Vans Half Cab, comes the exclusive version in 2012. For a bit of history, the Vans ‘Half Cab’ was created by Vans in 1992 after the popular practice of pro and amateur skaters cutting their high cut Vans Caballeros ‘in-half’ creating their own low cut version of the shoe.

To commemorate the popular lifestyle back in the day, Vans is set to release the Half-Cab in the famous cut-off, duck-taped version of the shoe that will be released in a very limited number of 20 pairs at Supreme. In addition to the 20th Anniversary release, will be 4 more versions of the Half Cab inspired by legendary Thrasher Magazine covers.

Be sure to check back for more images as the release date approaches.

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  1. I really don ‘t see the point of this. You want them to be like the traditional kind, cut em yourself. Who would buy shoes like that?