Vans Damn Daniel Lifetime Supply

If you have been on the Internet in the past day, it would be hard to avoid not seeing the viral clip titled “Damn, Daniel” which features Daniel Lara and Josh Holz. The video allowed to two to show up on the Ellen DeGeneres where the two have received a lifetime supply of Vans sneakers.

For those that haven’t seen the video, it features Daniel wearing a different pair of Vans which was uploaded originally to Snap Chat while Josh simply says “Damn, Daniel”. The video has already been watched 45 Million times. While on the show, Ellen announces towards the end that Vans has gifted the two a lifetime supply of Vans. Although shown in all White, they have access to other colors and we assume models.

Daniel also confirmed that the White Vans on eBay that are going for a large amount of money are not his Vans. Check out the segment from Ellen below.

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