Updated Nike Kobe Retro Line 2018

We have seen LeBron James’ past signature shoes make a retro return and now Kobe Bryant and Nike will be expanding on the Nike Kobe Retro line. In the past we have seen a few models from Kobe’s line return, however the difference here is that the retros will be updated with present technology.

Recently Kobe Bryant previewed an upcoming release of the Nike Kobe 1 on Instagram. With the photo he said the following: “We’re always looking to build on things that we’ve done in the past to improve them.”

Although this is exciting news, additional information like a release date, time frame or retail price has yet to be announced. However once we have more information we will make sure to update you. Make sure to visit the comments section and let us know your thoughts.

Nike Kobe Retro Line 2018



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