On December 5, when the snow has hit the ground and the windchill has left your digits near frost bitten, Self Conscious will be providing HEAT. when T-shirt and apparel line Unspoken Proverb will be making it’s official release. Some of the highlights of the night will include DJ TIMBUCK2, featured designers ENSTRUMENTAL PHARAOH GUARD & MORE.

To help kick off the event, Unspoken Proverbs is hosting, I’M SO SELF CONSCIOUS FASHION SHOW
at Self Conscious on Saturday November 15, from 2-5pm for professional individuals looking to build their portfolio, gain exposure and ready to network. You don’t want to miss being a part of this.

More after the JUMP!!!!!!! 

For more info, you can contact [email protected], call (312) 719-4692, or (773) 835-1986

Self Conscious

1021 West Lake St.

By Oscar Castillo and Chris Cason