Unreleased Nike Air Max 90 Boot

Our good friend from Hawk and Hunter sent us some pictures of a Nike Air Max 90 Boot, which he told me is unreleased, and might not ever come out. Very nice color way of Grey and White, while the uppers feature snake skin material. The Nike Air Max 90 Boot has received a lot of attention lately, not all good but not all bad. One thing is for sure, Nike has produced some nice color ways. Thanks to our friend from Hawkandhunter.

Unreleased Nike Air Max 90 Boot
Unreleased Nike Air Max 90 Boot
Unreleased Nike Air Max 90 Boot


  1. hey all i wanna say is nike you are making toooooo much money not to consult the public with sample shoes and have them vote on whats hot and whats not !

    it would be cheaper on advertising to do so rather than shoot the stupid sports commercials !

    oh one last thing the fact that you put out different color aways in different countries sucks !

    put me in a room with your shoe designers and ill damn near double your sales in shoes in 1 year !

  2. I jus got a pair…..they black,gray and like yellowish orange lol but yeah the crazy hot…i had them on yesterday for my birthday


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