UNDR-CRWN Ball Hog Collection

UNDR-CRWN had the opportunity to sit down with Slam Magazine and giving them their top ten Ball Hog’s of the NBA. In conjunction to the Slam magazine releasing, UNDR-CRWN will also release their Ball Hog collection at the same time. Aside from UNDR-CRWN’s usual seasonal releases several times a year a special Ball Hog collection will release and first up is known as the Broadway Pack. A pair of UNDR-CRWN sneakers, matching fitted and T shirts will drop. You have the chance on winning the full Ball Hog collection by visiting UNDR-CRWN’s website and filling out a form.


  1. the colorways take me back.

    san antonio all star game…man…

    the lay ups are under rated…

    pretty soon they will be more in demand i can assure you.

  2. Yo, I don't know what undr-crwn is about but I know their shoes or their clothes are not appealin. Not to down anybody or anything but there's no cleaness to them, no design elements that makes me say those are nice.


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