November 4th marks the day that Brandon Jennings’s second signature sneaker by Under Armour releases, the Under Armour Micro G Bloodline for $110. The Black/Black/Red colorway, dubbed the “The Bloodline” will be available on November 4th. However, there will be 6 more colorways following up. Under Armour Basketball has released some preview images of the upcoming colorways of the Under Armour Micro G Bloodline.

“The Bloodline” Black/Black/Red – This lead colorway is a tribute to his roots, his Bloodline.


“Fifty Fifty” White/Red/Black – Fifty Fifty represents Brandon Jenning’s life on the court and the other half off the court with friends and family.


“The Hunter” Black/Orange – The Hunter colorway gives back to hunting, something more than just a past time for people in Milwaukee.


“Roma” Red/Royal Blue/Gold- The Roma colorway represents Brandon Jennings’ first professional team in Italy after high school, the Lottomatica Virtus Roma.


“Compton Red” Red/Red/Red – The Compton Red colorway has no real meaning other than to be the loudest kicks on the court.


“Rowley Park” Green/Grey – The Rowley Park colorway represents Brandon’s neighborhood park that he played ball at throughout his childhood.


“Compton Black” Black/Black/Black – The Compton Black colorway embodies the toughness of Brandon’s hometown, Compton and the hard work Brandon put in to be the player he is today.


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