U-Lace Releasing in the U.S.

Named the #1 trend product in Japan, U-Lace offers the world’s first and and only modular lacing system giving consumers quick and easy access to the sneaker customization trend. Now available in the United States, U-Laces are stretchy, pop-in laces specifically designed with perfect amount of stretch to comfortably span a single set of sneaker eyelets. With 24 colors and countless lacing combination’s, U-Lace gives artistic power to the consumer so they can trick their kicks, hook-up and coordinate with team colors and sneakers, and transform a pair of sneakers into a wearable, one-of-a-kind masterpiece, again and again. Retail price for single colored bag is $7.99, and multiple colored bags are $8.99. Over 24 colors are available. Check out the U-Lace website for more details.

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