Bow Wow just posted a new Jordan Blog on Youtube which showcases his new pickups including the Motorsports Air Jordan XX3, Countdown Packs, and an OG Air Jordan VIII. Edit: What ‘Bow Wow’ calls the OG VIII is in fact the Countdown Air Jordan VIII (original colorway), and the Black/Cement Jordan III is the Countdown Jordan III and not what he referred to as the ‘Defining Moments Package.’

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  1. bow wow shouldnt be along to open a sneaker store this dude dont even know the name of kicks he called black cements defining moments? money buys u everything

  2. He just sounds like a dumb ass. Know the names of the shoes jerk off. I like how he says he doesn't know the release dates on these shoes when all he has to do is go to the release dates page on this site. Dumb ass. Ur a clown rapper and a clown jordan collector.

  3. bowow is sus he dnt even know about j and he talkin like he know the whole sneaker culture he sed he got the od 1nz those r not even og lol lmao dickhead

  4. i agree wit Zeshan

    up der

    Bowwow may have da

    connects but he dnt really

    kno shit bout da shoes

    straight hypebeast..

    but ne wayz i did cop

    da laser ones

    way betta in person

    check ma blog ya

    Live Clean Stay Phresh ppl!!!

  5. please tell me he didnt just make a complete fool of him self he said " i got the connects" I dont like fat joe but i bet he looks at sneakerfiles and nicekicks and knows the release dates u fucking retard dont through up videos when u know shit about sneakers , OG 8's and calls em bugs bunnies … Omg im getting pissed he said the DMP three's the best or atleast one of the best packages the (DMP) and he dosent even know what they are… and HE CALLS EVERYTHING OG retard just cause u never seen the color way dont mean its O.G JB dont give this clown sneakers instead of getting you clients he's giving people reasons why not to buy ur products

  6. heyy most of the jays that come out in the cdp are pedestrian and plain

    only a couple like the 17s, 15s, 13, 14s, 5s

    wheres the 15s gs

  7. bow wow….. wow is right how do u not kno tha names of shit u spent yo money on yo dumbs ass shudve went online an checkd tha names an history b4 u got short ass on youtube talkn about dmp an bugs bunny, u prolly thnk u rakim or tupac, u shud change yo name 2 lil ankle bitter u regular dumb ass…..

  8. are u serious talk about a fake….

    he called them the defining moment package….

    OG 8s and OG 1s???


  9. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hype beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bow wow is just like fat joe and his fake wearing sneaker friends that dont even know what their wearing…. people that only collect wack ass af1'a and jordans(jordans not wack) are just people with money trying to be fresh!!!!!!!!!!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hype beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. lol this is why i have no respect for celebrities with kicks. CAuse they can't take the time to really appreciate what they have and end up callin retro 3's DMP. LOL what a clown. For real he thinks he's a sneaker head. I don't mind hypebeasts but i do mind retards that think cause they have money their a tru collector.


    this BOY is a sad excuse for a sneakerhead

    i take that back he's no sneaker head

    he a straight POSER !!!!!!

    get ur facts right LIL bow wow

  12. he sound dumb in shit about the his jordans and calling the cdp cement 3 the d.m.p's were dumb but at least he copping real jordans i mean damn get off his nutz yall got too much time on yall hands we all know he wrong and we avid collectors just let it gooo man

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHA….Dude is a douche, WTF….Bow Wow, more like BOW DOWN. Know what you are talking before you post VIDEOS.

  14. ^ defending bow wow are we, thats just something else. We know he has money, since he was little kid. He has always been sheltered. Every other rapper has had to earn theirs and that entitles responsibility and integrity. Master P's son has more street cred than bow wow and they both grew up rich. Bow wow is still a little kid, does what he thinks people want him to do, talks how he thinks people want him to hear, collects what he thinks will get him the attention he craves. I was the same 5 or 6 years ago. He may have money, but in the real world, no friends behind him, he will have a hard time proving to other men who have earned the title man that he is a man.

  15. i wont call bow wowzers a hype beast, he is just young and rich and has a connect at jordan that can get him the monthly releases before they drop. (Oh and he is part owner in a sneaker store…) If he had some PE's or something out of the 2009 jordan crop then I would think that the video was something to talk about, but since its just stuff coming out next month, I really can't get that hype… He should get into the hunt before he does his next joint, or just post old music videos or explain what happened to with him and ciara….

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  17. It's sad, but oh well, celebrities will be celebrities. On another note Micah, next time try talking like you have a hint of common sense and some sort of education. It doesn't make yourself any tougher on a forum where we all love shoes.

  18. yeah…it could be a killer ardvark that attacks babies…yeah…that'd be COOL…yeah…ardvarks RULE!

  19. Straight quote from the living legend that is BOW WOW…

    "I dont pay any attention to release dates…Coz i dont got to"

    What a tool! Your flex is pure gash. Defo Hypebeast. Money does not equal style. But thats the sad problem with all these chumps. You cant buy the enthusiasm of true sneaker heads.

    BOW WOW….go get a bone you munter.


  20. Hah! That kid just got shit on by the internet. Some of you dudes really need to learn how to spell basic words though.

  21. If you are NOT at least 27 years old you are not a true JORDAN HEAD!!! you wasnt even around when they was droppin new!!!! I got my First 5's in 3rd GRade man step your game up BOW WOW YOU wasnt even BORN LIL PUNK!!

  22. I love how everybody is giving this guy a hard time for not knowing what he's talking about, and yet not a single one of you can spell.

    Did someone up there write "chemercials"?

  23. hes lame ass fuck he dont even got da Guccis high cut 1s n like every1 says he dont no da names of da kix i feel like slapping him fake ass Jordan fan

  24. man i hope he didnt post that ish up…. its was completely humiliating. "bowowow yipeee yo yipeee yey, where my dogs at? walk wit me now"…. hahahahaha well i think he got lame connects at JB, since they didnt send any box with the shoes, so at least he could have read the label…. also why is his motorsport has a dogtag? how mine dont? hmmmmmm….