Tennis Ball Nike Hypermax

Earlier this week, we previewed the “McFly” Nike Hypermax. In that preview, most sneakerheads could have made out what appeared to be a “Tennis Ball” Nike Hypermax alongside the McFly colorway. We now have a detailed picture of the Tennis Ball Nike Hypermax to share. This colorway features a tennis ball colored upper accented by a white swoosh and white midsole. Nike has even gone to the extent of coating the entire upper in a felt material reminiscent of an actual tennis ball. Another key aspect of this pair is the lack of flywire technology. There is currently no release information regarding the Tennis Ball Nike Hypermax, so be sure to stay tuned for updates.

Via Leaders.

Tennis Ball Nike Hypermax

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  1. The only reason im coppin is because its nearly impossible to find those Reebok Pump court victory's, and I still want the tennis ball look. Thus it is a reluctant cop, but a cop nonetheless…

  2. I like it. It shows you have confidence and these shoes will definitely help you stand out in the crowd. 4 out of 5.