Supra TK Society | Grey Patent

Supra recently released their TK Society high top in grey patent. The shoe garnered wide acclaim with Hypebeasts ’round the world after it was released in purple, black, and red. The subdued grey tone coordinates nicely with the model’s bare toebox and double-strapped upper. Down below, the TK (worn by skate Terry Kennedy for those not in the know) implements a vulcanized midsole. The Supra TK Society “Grey Patent” is available at select Supra accounts now!

Supra TK Society | Grey Patent

Via Limited EDT.

Supra TK Society | Grey Patent

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  1. Unique describes this shoe the best. Personally I think patent leather has been overused since its inception in the covited Air Jordan XI, but to each is own. This particular shoe in this particular colorway however is FUGLY! I rock with the style and design of the TK Society but not in all grey patent.

  2. I don't appreciate you calling people who wear Supras "hypebeasts". It's a fairly insulting term that I prefer isn't associated with me. I love Supras, and I get isht about them all the time. The f*ck, like: go rock your isht and get off my tip, why you gotta be eyin' me all hard and act like your shoes with a swoosh or 3 stripes or a Jumpman on them are really that fresh? Get on my level and stop hating on Supra!

    Hypebeasts are defined as people who spend dollars to rock "exclusive" isht, "set" trends (meanin' they just followin' what Yeezy is doing and say that they got swag when really they just COPY), and dress solely for the purpose of breaking necks.

    Sure, this shoe look flashy but that doesn't mean I'm dropping stacks for it or I'm getting it to try and get looks from next people. I'm getting it because I legit LIKE these shoes, why Supra gotta be different from gettin' some new J's on Saturday?

    And just because Weezy wears it, does NOT mean it's a hype machine. I don't like Weezy by any means, but just because he blew it up doesn't mean it's HYPE. What's hype is every other rappin' ni*ga wearin' Jordans; you aren't associating hype with them!? They got kicks sellin' for thousands of dollars that aren't even that NICE! If it wasn't for the limited numbers, I guarentee Eminem 4s would sell worse than Militaries. I have nothing against Jordans, because I love them too, but I'm just trying to prove a point.