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Supra Skytop Halloween Camo – Sneak Peek

Supra Skytop Halloween Camo - Sneak Peek

Of course, Halloween is only 6 days away- but many of us will use the fact that it’s on a Monday as a reason to celebrate the entire weekend leading up to Monday, not just on the festival day itself. Well, you might want to switch up your footwear during this festive weekend; and, you might very well want to let your feet show all passers by just how into the holiday you are. While some of you might have already made an aggressive move and scoped out a pair of the “Halloween” Nike Air Max 95, others of you might have been waiting for something a little more high-top for your taste. That’s when the Supra Skytop pictured here enters the picture. Here’s a sneak peek of what Supra has cooked up for us sneakerheads this Halloween- is it enough for you to start planning out your pursuit of these bad boys? They’ll be made available from participating retailers come October 29th.

Supra Skytop Halloween Camo - Sneak Peek

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