Supra NS Trinity

Some hype has surrounded the Supra NS series, with previous releases of the Supra Indy and Strapped. But a new model has been added to the Supra NS series that (in our own opinion) is the best yet, the Supra NS Trinity. Featuring premium materials on the uppers, and that is the reason why this Supra NS Trinity has a $210 price tag. Select Supra dealerships will receive shipments. Via Complex.

Supra NS Trinity
Supra NS Trinity


  1. 1st comment bitch!!!!!! THESE MUTHA FUKAS COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice concept, sleek design, reminds me of an automotive inspired kick. But yeah too pricy for a brand that i have to explain what they are. Were are all the Hypebeast though? Isnt Supra one of those hump brands?

  3. damn…they look nice but coulda been better if they had a black midsole too…210 kinda pricey…i dont even think you can even skateboard in supras….psshhh..skate shoes my ass..

  4. these are okay…..wouldn't copp for $210, though. Supra should make some snakeskin ones if they dont have em already. Then I can see it.


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