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Soul 2 Sole: A Design Project by David Park

Soul 2 Sole from David Park on Vimeo.

David Park, a graduating senior from the Parsons School of Design created this motion graphics piece as his senior thesis project. Titled “Sole 2 Soul”, the piece examines the intersection of hip-hop, hoops, and grips in urban youth culture. In the video, Run-DMC rocks out in adidas, Bugs Bunny appears in “Hare” Jordan VIIs, b-boys glide in PUMA Clydes and Dr. J. administers the funk in Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

The presentation and graphics work are so precise it’s criminal. Seriously y’all, Park killed this joint. Consider it 3 minutes and 14 seconds well spent. The cohesion of colors, sounds, and music are the most explicit form of resplendence possible. You dig?!

Brian Betschart
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