Solebox x Lacoste Tennis 91

Solebox has collaborated with a few major sneaker companies in the past and has scheduled a new collaboration with the Lacoste Tennis 91. Their collaborations never fall short of amazing and limited, two adjectives that can be applied to the sneakers above.

The Lacoste Tennis 91 is made up of a subtle black, white and green color combination. Furthermore, the sneakers will be accompanied by a black solebox embossed towel when they release on August 22nd. Unfortunately, the Lacoste Tennis 91 will be very exclusive and only 30 pairs will be sold.

Solebox x Lacoste Tennis 91
Solebox x Lacoste Tennis 91


  1. seriously…. who does this brand think they are? Don't pretend to make a performance shoe if you are a strictly fashion brand. Stick to the collar poppin' shirts and be done with this tennis court nonsense.


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