This weeks SneakerHead Spotlight shines on Jourdan1086.

Jourdan1086 moved to California when he was 17 years old from the Philippines. His videos on YouTube mainly consists of performance reviews, but you can also catch a few retro reviews also.

We asked Jourdan1086 some questions like “what is his favorite performance shoes of the year” and a few more.

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SneakerHead Spotlight: Jourdan1086

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  1. Right when I saw that Justin bieber shirt, I knew this dude had no credibility. Dude said adi-rose 2.5 was top 3 performance shoe…. And that his number 1 retro was stealths… Obviously new to the sneaker game, not saying I’m a sneakeread myself, but his choices were so off.

  2. I’m filipino as well and I am embarrassed. top 3 retro for him were shoes that came out in the past 3 months -_- FAIL

  3. he said he was new to the sneaker game and he didn’t have many retro’s……. cool. The story about his reeboks is cool too……. but, he was the only one available for the spotlight?