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Sneaker Freaker x Puma ‘Bunyip’


Online sneaker source, Sneaker Freaker, recently teamed up with Puma to create the Puma “Bunyip”, a recreation of the classic Puma Dallas model.

This low-top sneaker made primarily of a thick-black goat suede upper also features a crepe sole and a soft premium leather liner. With a theme and design that’s said to have taken nearly 3 years to complete, let us share the story behind the shoe:

“The legend of the Bunyip is deeply embedded within the Australian psyche. Clouded in layer upon layer of mystery and fog, this ‘evil spirit’ lurks in muddy billabongs, creeping out under cover of darkness to go bump in the night. 

Renowned for possessing a rich baritone, the Bunyip’s crooning is said by those who have heard it to have an intoxicating effect, lulling victims into a giddy stupor. Survivors of Bunyip raids are rare but describe them as looking ‘like a walrus crossed with a dingo’. Others are sure they are six-feet tall with beefy arms, bad breath and strange necklaces made from wombat bones. Whatever the truth, the original source of the legend is credited to ancient mythology. In modern times, the Bunyip has collided with popular culture – the antipodean equivalent to the Yeti and Bigfoot.”

Not bad, right? Well if the story or the sneaker intrigues you, check out more detailed images below and stay tuned to Sneaker Files as we bring you a release date and more on the Sneaker Freaker x Puma “Bunyip” very soon.




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