Sneaker Files x Jim Jones Swag Giveaway!
We at Sneaker Files are constantly trying to make moves, so we’re going to present you with a little something this weekend: an interview with Harlem rapper Jim Jones! Also, Jim Jones wants to show his fans a little appreciation by collaborating on a contest with us. You can enter for your chance to win a pair of Nike RT1 sneakers and a bag full of swag. Two runner-ups will win an autographed copy of his latest Pray IV Reign album with an accompanying poster. For bonus information and contest, be sure to follow Jim Jones on Twitter and on Twitter.

Click here to enter the Sneaker Files x Jim Jones Swag Giveaway!
Sneaker Files x Jim Jones Swag Giveaway!

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  1. "damn my feet are killing me in these heels" – jim jones….Are those bugle boys jeans your wearing? "YES!" "I wear a mean tight pair of jeans…So you can see my ass…when my head is bent, you dig?"