Sneaker Files Needs a New Logo: Win $100 needs a new logo! Photoshop guru’s will have the chance of winning $100 if their design is chosen and the chance of millions to see your artwork. A few tips of what we are looking for: same colors of the original Sneaker Files logo, classy and clean design. Please send your designs to [email protected]

Good Luck!


  1. 100$ = 75€?!

    What an awesome “price” to win, for putting blodd sweat & tears in a design…

    Kinda cheap!
    This is exactly whats wrong these days! People not willing to invest in quality

  2. Seriously?????? like $100 wouldnt even be worth the time you serious i mean i like sneakerfiles and all but whoopti for 100 for all the time someone is gonna put into it better make it like 1000.00 now were talking like show some appretiation!!!

  3. Are you kidding me sneakerfiles. You know how much money is spent on designs and logos and you are GENEROUSLY(sarcastic) giving away 100 dollars for someone to do this. WOW I hope you get nothing but S,F in Microsoft word New Times Roman font size 12. HERBS

  4. How about giving sneakerheads a little more incentive, like a full cool grey kit (sneaks & apparel), otherwise you can take cheapness’ direction. Death to Crowdsourcing!

  5. Yeah I’m with you guys. Didn’t Nike pay that lady like 75.00 for their logo? Just mess around on word and photo shop for a couple hours you’ll get it, that’s what I do. S.

  6. ^$35..and a gold ring and some sneakefiles giving away stock too? is there any to give away?
    wack prize…cant yall think of something yourself? 100 just seems cheap like using people

  7. i know im hatin but its due … i know you got a lot of money layin around wit hall these damn ads on your pages…SHITTT

  8. They probably need another logo cuz the person who designed the current one demanded more compensation and to fix that they said F U C K that we’ll pay our readers $100 cash to design a new one lol

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