Sneak Peek: Air Jordan 2010 on NIKEiD

Steve Jobs of Apple unveiled the iPhone OS 4.0 this morning, and while he was showcasing some of the new mobile ads the phone will display, he gave a brief preview of the NIKEiD ad, which hosted the Air Jordan 2010 at the time. The ad shows Jordan Brand’s newest sneaker ready to be customized with your very own mix of colors and materials. Obviously, it has not yet been confirmed that the Air Jordan 2010 will be customizable on NIKEiD anytime soon, but with this latest image, it is safe to say that Nike is certainly considering it. Via Gizmodo.

Sneak Peek: Air Jordan 2010 on NIKEiD

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  1. I don't care what anybody says…..I love this shoe and I am stoked at the chance to be able to customize it! I bought them at release and have no regrets. They are comfortable as hell (for a J's anyway) and look sick with jeans.

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