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Sneak Heat x Marcus Allen Designs ‘Twerking Counts’ Tees

sneak-heat-x-marcus-allen-designs-twerking-counts-teesWith the sneaker industry literally overflowing with new kicks, you gotta make sure you don’t lose sight of your whole outfit. What good is it if you have the latest Nike Air Force 1s, but your shirt is all washed up and ragged? Allow the guys over at Sneak Heat to assist you in your quest for complete and total freshness, along with the help of Marcus Allen Designs! The Sneak Heat x MAD collab, the ‘Twerking Counts’ tee, have an image of a girl popping the brakes off her ass, while rocking some sweet Roshe Runs! If you’re a fan of the twerking craze, then you know it really does take some energy to rev up the engine in your trunk to get the perfect twerk, and you might break a sweat while doing so. Nike says ‘Just Do It,” but Sneak Heat reassures us that “Twerking Counts,” as well! Click the link to cop your own shirt via the the Sneak Heat online shop now for $25!

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