As the clock winds down, here’s an official look at tomorrow’s Air Jordan XIV (14) GS “Metallic Dark Grey/Hyper Pink-Black-White”.

Exclusive to grade school, preschool, and toddler sizing, this Air Jordan XIV (14) retro makes its debut in a new colorway that’s never been done before. Complete with soft nubuck and leather combination uppers in metallic dark grey and black, Jordan Brand adds in hyper pink accents for a flawless finish. For sure, these kicks will appeal to most girls and young women.

Priced at $120 for grade school, catch these retros in stock tomorrow July 12th!

Colorway: Metallic Dark Grey/Black-White-Hyper Pink
Release Date: 7/12/2014
Retail: $120
Product Code: 654969-028

air-jordan-xiv-14-gs-metallic-dark-grey-hyper-pink-black-white-official-images-2 air-jordan-xiv-14-gs-metallic-dark-grey-hyper-pink-black-white-official-images-3 air-jordan-xiv-14-gs-metallic-dark-grey-hyper-pink-black-white-official-images-4 air-jordan-xiv-14-gs-metallic-dark-grey-hyper-pink-black-white-official-images-5



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  6. ugly ass jordans !!!!!! dese da ugliest jordans i ever seen in my fuckin life…somebody pls cal django let him shoot this shit to hell…allll the xiv collection sucks !!!

  7. that loook good? same thing me say ugly no shit a the worse jordan that me ever see is that authentic or a knock off?

  8. Terrance Nelson those are why 14’s are the only # J’s I will rock with……well any color except pink tho

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