From one coast to another, Sidana’s is a upscale boutique that offers a wide variety of sneakers to the residents of Long Island. Described as the Taj Mahal of sneakers, Sidana’s is quickly becoming the store of choice for sneaker heads and even Chris Vidal. It is operated by Amar Singh, a sneaker afficionado who has been in the business for quite sometime and runs 4 stores in the Queens and Long Island area. Currently Sidana’s among the top sneaker shops as they get all the quickstrike models, Air Jordans, Dunks, and Air Force 1’s. Be sure to check out all the pictures because this store is really a work of art.

1538 Old Country Rd
Plainview, NY 11803

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  1. Store is clean but all i see are timberland boots and nike shox where's the HEAT????looks like to me another urban premium store trying to be a BOUTIQUE !!!

  2. now this is a store. not like that closet in chicago you tried so hard to promote. that chicago closet will be out of lease money in 7 – 8 months. bet

  3. this store looks like a jewlery store and it has no seat so how are you suppose to try on your kicks

  4. looks like it was probably an upscale hair has no personality, or culture. try again playa.

  5. ive grown up in plainview all my life and this store opened last week i had no idea bout it until today. i went and it blew me away for plainview. tons of air force and jordans. also prada and p-rods. needs to up its sb stock but for plainview this is pretty dope. AND there are 3 COUCHES/CHAIRS to sit and try on. The only thing is im afraid everyone in plainview is now gonna start rockin these shoes

  6. This is what I'm talking about! Everyone saying that this store looks stupid or that it has no culture doesnt know what they're talking about. I like a store that I can walk in and get what I like and walk out!

  7. LOL AJ-23 it does look like a jewlery store to me anybody could have designed it very plain thumbs down on the creative end.

  8. I went here today for the first time and have to say i was very upset first they overcharge retail second 99.9 percent of there product you can find at journey's third their customer service SUCKS the guy there doesn't know SHIT another urban premium store trying to be a boutique

  9. Yo if you want to go to a real spot in LI Go see my boys in EXTRA BUTTER these guys are sneakerheads and good dudes U will start hearing about these guys they doing big things

  10. i didnt see anything special in the store..just forces, timbs and gay ass air max….WHACK!!!

  11. For me the only place on LI that's worth going to is Sneaker Bistro Boutique they were the first dudes to put LI on the map and what's great is they never charge over retail.If you live on LI and never been there check them out and tell them jeremy sent yah.

  12. Someone has some serious financial backing to get that store off the ground, wow. But doesnt look like the shoes selection is anything special.

  13. To all them cats complainin about trying your kicks on… Your feet still growin? My foot size been the same since high school, stop tryin to show off. You should know your size in whatever you wear by now, unless you tryin some new shit out… Cop your kicks and keep it movin….

  14. my boy works there and the store is freshhhh…alot of their more exclusive shit is in the back so you need to ask them to bring it out..and the guy hooked me up on a pair of air max just cuz my boy worked there…very hot place

  15. all ya people who's talking about butter n bistro's obviously you is jealous and probably work there too. so don't say shit till you come and check it yourself…I say seein is bleevin'. I was here, copped 2 pairs of rare jordans and 1 pair of dunks. I own more then 100 pairs of shoes that I got from flight Club and Sidana's has the shit.

  16. and yo check out NYCKID's comment he put in sneaker bistros web address…yo I guranteeee he works there.

  17. a rod funny you should say seeing is believing i was there 2 days ago and the place is overpriced but i guess your use to that since you bought 100 pairs from Flight Club

  18. And just to let you know i don't work at either extrabutter or sneakerbistro but i have to say they bring more culture to L.I. then any other stores out there and that's the truth

  19. a rod, you must be some shmuck to have bought 100 pairs from flight club. I can sell my doodi on flight club and you would probably buy it. Its consignment kid, and everyone knows a true sneaker head thrives on the hunt of their grails and doesn't take the easy road to buying kicks. You clearly don't know ish.

  20. The people who were complaining before are stupid, they didn't have alot of stuff in the store to begin with because they were a new store, now they have tons of shit in, shoes you would cream your pants if you saw at first sight. Wait until they get pictures of the new shit in the store. It's much more filled up now.

  21. Very nice store. Congratulations !!!

    "SIDANA's" ROCK !!!!!!

    – Raminder, Delia and Sonya….


  23. This place has no heat! I call them and ask when the Space Jam's are coming out he tells me the 23rd of December. Proceeds to tell me there is a very long list of people and he will get x number amount of them. And told me not to bother calling about them…lolol

  24. Sidana's a straight up bootlegger. Got fakes mixed in with real stuff. Try to sell my mother a fake pair of Space Jam (no box and smeely leather) for $300 1 week before Christmas. Not goin there again