Sean Wotherspoon Nike Air Max 1 97 Samples

Sean Wotherspoon went through a design process for his Nike Air Max 1/97 hybrid collaboration where he tested different corduroy styles.

Wotherspoon recently shared some of his samples which includes two. One comes in Navy while the other features Light Blue. Also shown is the retail release. Besides the colors, they feature a different type of corduroy across the uppers.

The Sean Wotherspoon Nike Air Max 1/97 will release globally during March 2018 which will celebrate Air Max Day. Once more information is known we will make sure to update you. The two samples shown will not be releasing. Below you can check out a full image and make sure to visit the comments section and let us know your thoughts on the retail pair and samples.


Sean Wotherspoon Nike Air Max 1 97 Samples