RiFF RAFF Air Jordan 5 Aquaberry Custom $100,000

After Riff Raff said he had a collaboration coming with Jordan Brand on the Air Jordan 5, some people did buy into it but the brand came out and stated no collaboration is in the works at this time. The rapper has nicknamed them the ‘Aquaberry’ which fits them appropriately and is now selling them on eBay.

At first, you might be skeptical on bidding because the seller has 0 feedback, but Riff Raff did tweet out a link to the auction making it official. At the time of writing the Aquaberry Air Jordan 5 is going for $96,200! More than likely some fake bidding going on.

If you want to check out the auction or even bid on Riff Raff’s Air Jordan 5 Aquaberry, go to eBay now.

RiFF RAFF Air Jordan 5 Aquaberry Custom $100,000

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