Release Reminder: Air Jordan 6 Rings (Six Rings) Nelly Laser White Black True Red Light Graphite

Little is known about the backstory behind the “Nelly” Air Jordan 6 Rings that is releasing tomorrow, but a lot is going on the surface of the hybridized model. Spotted on St. Louis hip-hop artist Nelly, this Air Jordan 6 Rings consists of patent leather, red accents and an unmistakable laser design of what looks to be different Air Jordans. You can find the limited product re-stock in stores starting tomorrow, December 13, 2008, with a retail price tag of $160.

Air Jordan 6 Rings
Release Date: 12/13/2008
Colorway: White/Black-True Red-Light Graphite
Style: 332157-101
Retail Price: $160

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  1. Are ya'll sure these come out today. I know the ^ rings nelly 2 (white/varsity red/midnight navy/black) come out buti haven't heard anything about these coming out besides from you guys and SC. Everybody else is clueless…even my jordan headz spot haven't heard anything

  2. Apparently they were to be a limited release in a select number of stores for their original "release date". Apparently someone changed their mind at Nike and sent out more orders to be made and many more shoes were stockedpiled at stores. I have no idea why they did it but thats what happened

  3. I wanted these a couple of months ago but now dat im getting da 11/12's by monday or tuesday and da very limited 23's by da next week after I won't have da money 2 buy these sh*ts anyway but its cool cuz im starting not 2 feel any of those 6 rings anyway and by da way if anyone wants those cool grey spizikes dey have them at da run around in roslyn,pa just outside of philly

  4. ummmm none of us can afford these now with all the damn changes to the pack release and the spizike releases. shoot i know i can't lol.

  5. If this is in fact true im going to be very upset. like on some OD tight level. i paid 300 for my lasers cause they were limited release. now they gonna be a regular release? thats some straight up Bulls***

  6. WTF! they need uh be clear on they release date. Gettin' me piss off saying one date after another.

    I would got these instead of the "DARK ARMY" wtf!

  7. yo i dnt think these come out today…im n VA n i hit up every store from northern VA to southern VA n no one knw what im talkin bout…dey aint dropin today!!! fuk!!!!! i want these

  8. why did yall wait till the last minute to say these wher coming out today when everyone thought they already came out

  9. These shits released only in house of hoops stores october 11th. they been out. i checked footlocker footaction and finishline and none of them are carrying it. im sorry but sneakerfiles are misleading their readers with this article.

  10. kixandthecity has said the same thing as well

    and eastbay and all the sites dont usually carry quickstrikes… like the bred strap 1s

  11. These 6 Rings came out a few months ago, and they did not re-release them. There were a a couple of limited Fusion 20s that dropped, but who has money to waste on them when you have the 11/12 Countdown pack and the Cool Grey Spizikes to buy within the next 2 weeks!!!

  12. i've had these since October, got em on ebay for 263…thought they were limited to 500 pairs then, but so many people wanted them, i guess they re-issued it for x-mas…still the sickest 6 Rings for the fakes though, the laser design is a raised design featuring all 6 championship shoes, not just squigly lines…

  13. I only want to know which stores in the MIA get the limited edition because I could not find them anywhere back in October the original release date.

  14. i'm from baltimore and they nowhere 2 be found it's getting 2 me dec 13 BS I need real info real store no eBay