Release Date Change: Air Jordan 11 - 12 Countdown Pack and Spizikes

Jordan Brand has announced some changes in their Release Dates that is more convenient to its consumers. For starters, the Air Jordan 11 – 12 Countdown Pack which was scheduled to release December 26th 2008, just 1 day after Christmas, has changed to December 20th 2008.

Next the Air Jordan Spizike Cool Grey and Citron had a December 31st 2008 Release Date, which lands on New Years Eve. Jordan Brand has changed the release dates for both to December 24th 2008. Sadly, if you plan on purchasing, you have to bump shoulders with last minute Christmas shoppers, and could be chaos at your local spot.

Air Jordan Release Dates

12/20/2008 Air Jordan Countdown Pack #10 – Collezione 11/12
338149-991 Air Jordan Retro 11 Black/True Red-White
Air Jordan Retro 12 Black/Varsity Red-Cement Grey
Air Jordan Release Dates

12/24/2008 Jordan Spizike (Limited Release)
315371-091 Stealth/Black-Light Graphite-White
$175.00- Men’s
$110.00- Gradeschool (sz.4y-7y)
Air Jordan Release Dates

12/24/2008 Jordan Spizike (Limited Release)
315371-031 Black/Citron-Pure Purple-White
Air Jordan Release Dates

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  1. those 12 are just idk and those spikes are they coming out like everywhere cause i live in rhode island and them cool greys are the shit but idt theyll get over here jb no love for RI

  2. i hate those taxi's they may be classics but to me those are by far the worst 12's(every other colorway was better)…u people fool yourselves if u want…im only getting the pack for the 11s….NO WAY IS THIS THE BEST PACK….16/7 and 17/6 were better in my opinion….bred 11's they are okay….they not better than the concord's….cool grey…white/carolina…..or dmp 11's…..this is a real dude keepin it real……..cant wait to get those spizikes though…..both pair

  3. Don't git caught slippin on the release date change. U know some dummy gonna camp outside Finish Line go in and be like let me get a pair of those jordan 11/12. Um sir those came out on the 20th your gonna have to go buy em off swerv1n for $500 on Ebay. Somebody will be slippin…not me pimpin not me. 3 sets r already mine. Thanks for the early Xmas present MJ.

  4. y i cant get da citrons or wat i like 2 call da joker spizikes nd a size 7 y only da cool greys get da 7

    now i gotta get 7.5 sneakers dont look right on big ass feet

  5. its not fair i want dem n a size 7

    will jordan makem n a size 7

    i want a size 7!!!!!!!!!

  6. its gon be KRAZINESS

    @ Cortana and Plus stores cross the Rouge

    i hate Christmas Releases like this one

  7. i usually pay $100 for my beloved jordans now i gotta pay $175 fukin dollars i culd get sum coach shoes a pair of asolos for dat price


  9. I gotta get dem 11/12s but its gon be harder for me now cuz all im gon have is a week to get the money and the job i have pays in 2 weeks

  10. Fuck ref da 24Th OMFG imma hav 2 do sumthin wicked 2 get thoe Spikez cuz i dnt get paid till the 26th Like O fuckin D

  11. All shoes go hard … everyone on this page. Yeah, movin the date is gonna make it more problematic. MFkin JB! The XX3s were a killer.

  12. this release will help get those fake 11s off the street and i know ALOT of you guys have them….holla

  13. the pack is awesome, the 20th of DEC. is perfect!!! before Xmas, good thinking JB

  14. No disrespect but these are the most over-rated package so far im as sure these aren't going to make a difference from any other package im not saying their bad or anything but im as sure as possible these are going to be the worst package come on the 8 and 15 are great i saw ppl hating on em and i copped em and they were great so were 2/21/,5/18,4/19,3/20.10/13 these were all great and im expecting these to be the most over rated and worst package hate on me now and the spizikes ive had those for about 5 months my cousin lives up in spain so i also copped those rare retro 7's

  15. So glad they moved release date up…was gonna be bananas on 26th..excited release date is even closer now…my connects gone hold me down no waiting or camping out for me haha.gonna cop pack and cool grey spiz'ikes:)

  16. MARS u obviously have "ZERO" shoe credibility. Do u know what a shoe is? U just lost it sneakerhead license pimp. Start buyin Jordan highheels.

  17. I need the pack

    I haven't had a pair of bred 11s since 01 I think and those taxi since there 1st release…. I love the pack the spizikes r decent

  18. the spi'ikes are hard but when u put them on they feel fake. gotta hard decision ahead pippens, 12s, 20 fusions or spi'kes gotta get at last 3