Reeboks Royal Flush Collection

Five of Reebok‘s best sneakers (in my own opinion) which are the ERS 2000, NPC UK Pump, The Ventilator, The Court Victory Pump and Pump Omni Lite which all make up the R.F. Collection aka Royal Flush. Reebok will drop each sneaker every two weeks out of this package and the last to release is the Court Victory Pump which represents the Ace of Spades and on top of that the higher the card, the more limited they pair is. If you are able to get all five from the Royal Flush collection, you will get to customize a free pair of Reebok Insta-Pump Fury. The whole release of the Reebok’s Royal Flush collection is to pay due to the World Series of Poker, which starts up again this June. Via Complex.

Reebok’s Royal Flush Collection