Yesterday we brought you a sneak peek at what looked to be a basketball sneaker version of the Reebok ZigTech Pulse, which itself has already become one of the more popular training shoes out today. This time around, we are able to give you a much clearer look at this Reebok basketball sneaker- the ZigTech Slash- in a white/black-red colorway. This shoe releases from participating Reebok accounts nationwide come October of this year. Let us know what your initial thoughts are.


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  1. These shoes are wild, unconventional and UGLY as hell and i still want a pair. i really interseted on seeing how this new design compares performance wise to all the favorites out there.

  2. i have the zig running shoes..and they hurt up the ass! who knows how these are going to feel….lol design=straight fail!

  3. theses shits stink. i agree the only reason to even look at these is performance based. they want evenrybody to know these reeboks w/the word written all big on the side. terrible.

  4. @Eldon: Man, these are dope. It is an attention gettin design and that's what i luv about it. Gotta cop a pair

  5. I agree, they were made to get people talking about em they're def gonna do that. A little gaudy and not my type of shoe, but I like what Rbk is tryin to do. I'd cop if they go on sale after awhile

  6. lol @edhardygifttk

    It's not the first day of fall?!

    Why the fuck u advertising on sneakerfiles comment boards, shit makes me want to never buy ed hardy, this is a sneaker website not yours to fuck with.

  7. i like them. we need to get away from always wearing Jordans. I laugh when I see people in Reebok anything, but this is one exception. These are nice, and if my store sells them I will diffantly get a pair.

  8. Instant Cop. I have the running version of these and they have worked wonders. I have torn ligaments in my ankle and I hardly even feel the pain running in them. I have been praying they would come out w/ a hoops verison of these so I could boof on somebody again, and yessss… I found it. INSTANT COP! These shoes are amazing!

  9. Lovely info in your post, I saw a report on tv last week about this same stuff and since I am getting married in five weeks and the timing couldn't have been better! Thanks for the post!