After witnessing adidas’ huge success with their aZX project, Reebok looks to launch a similar collection of The Reebok Pumps with a few familiar names. Reebok calls on our good friends at SoleBox a few stores from the adidas aZX collection, but does add a few others into the mix including size?, atmos, and KICKS/HI. If this is anything like the adidas version, it will have a lot of potential and could be one of the biggest projects from Reebok. Via SoleBox



  1. I DO! I love Reebok and I can't wait for this series! But I still wish they'd release more OG pump models in OG colourways. Where's the Twilight Zone and Omni Zone for example???

  2. I'm gonna have to sock some cash away for this cause I'm sure reebok will be doing it big. Hopefully we'll see the Bringbacks make a comeback cause I don't have a pair.

  3. Yes Reeboks are the S**T! Im pritty sure they'll bring out some Rockin Kicks in 09'.

    There's only so many times I can Wear my Blk alife courts or my beautiful Bodega/ Omni!

    The People Have Spoken! We need MMOOORRRREEEEE!

  4. Reebok needs to reintroduce their popular Twilight Zone version. I am suprised they only retro the ones that were not as popular. Plus the kids today want more Hi Tops re-introduced, not the mid's!!!

  5. The TWILIGHT ZONE pumps were the shoe every kid dreamed of having back in 1990 when they came out. They were the coolest shoes any one had ever been able to buy. Every body knows that in the 90's shoes were a big deal.If you had the coolest shoes out you were cool, even if you were a geek you were still cool. Air jordans have been brought back in every way shape and form. So do the TWILIGHT PUMP some justice and bring them BACK. I will but two pair the day they come pout if you do. As long as there the GREEN ONES. TWILIGHT ZONE BABY!!!!!


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