Two days ago we showed you a preview of the Reebok Kamikaze‘s 2010 comeback bid. In case that wasn’t enough good news for old school Reebok heads, we would like to inform our readers that the Reebok brand is still talkin’ trash- and, as always, it’s doing so with its shoes and not its words. The basketball sneaker pictured here is the Reebok Talkin’ Krazy in a predominantly white colorway with black accents. What’s unique about these revitalized pairs of the Reebok Talkin’ Krazy is that they’re actually designed to allow you to write on them with the use of a dry eraser. At a retail price of $85, how many of you are seriously considering giving these a trial run while attempting to play above the rim (ATR)?

Via Champs.

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  1. garbage after they release those reebok pumps the should shut down reebok all together or let k-mart or walmart have them like they did starter