Reebok Answer 10 Player Exclusive

As the NBA season comes to a end and the Playoffs are around the corner, we have a preview of the Reebok Answer 10 Player Exclusives. We have three color ways shown, Black/Varsity Red, White/Black-Yellow and Black/White. As Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets will battle for the NBA Championship, you may see AI wearing one of the Reebok Answer 10 Player Exclusives listed. Available now from our friend air-randy_x_nikefans.

Reebok Answer 10 Player Exclusive
Reebok Answer 10 Player Exclusive
Reebok Answer 10 Player Exclusive
Reebok Answer 10 Player Exclusive
Reebok Answer 10 Player Exclusive
Reebok Answer 10 Player Exclusive
Reebok Answer 10 Player Exclusive

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  1. Reebok should sell Answer X in denver colors and question mid in denver colors. like Nike sells all color Lebron wears on the court. IF REEBOK WANTS TO MAKE MONEY……then make some and sell them…

  2. i agree many of my friend wants them because Iverson wears them in denver the question were so hot on Iverson but why reebok won't sell them????

    are they gonna release them in the future???

  3. Are these goin to be available?

    True that Denver does not wear black or red but they do have a retro uni that is white with red. White and yellow can be worn with Denver because they do have yellow in their unis.

  4. I'm feeln the black & white ones. The Answer Xs may not be too pretty but they are very good basketball shoe. See for urself! AND REEBOK SELL THESE COLORS PLEASE CUZ THE REST OF YOUR KICKS BESIDES THE QUESTION ARE TRASH! 1.

  5. these shoes are so gansta i should smack everybody who said there ugly iverson is the best baketball player ever denver does wear black carmelo wears black melos n iverson wore black questions these shoes are hard they better releas them make sum baby blue tens

  6. Denver does not wear black. The alternate road jerseys are navy. Melos shoes are black with baby blue and Ivos Questions are black with baby blue. They wont release baby blue tens. THey have black with baby blue and yellow and those white with black and orange but both of those are player release only for him. If they are sold they will be in his size which I hate cuz my feet are bigger than his lol.

  7. Reebok the Answer X should have a lot more colourways, I'd buy both the Black/White ones and the Black/Red ones, good thing that the XI's will have about 7 colourways.

  8. so it dont matter if denver wear blak or not they still match

    and u kno u lik em yall just hatin

  9. hey are you selling those shoes??I've been lookin for dem and i cant find dem anywhere..jus write me back on how much the price is on dem.

  10. hey ignore allen he is jus a cock boy, i ll give a a good price no them hit me back…oh yea allen go a suck a small one! i kno its u!!!oh see you at the miami and denver game homo!!

  11. i think dese are big boy trainers, i dnt care wot any1 says, but true say dey shud hav dem in denver colours, but at the same time black n red are my team colours at my actual team

  12. Those are the best shoes I've ever seen and they are good lookin'.

    But where can I find them? Can u help me?

    I want the black/red ones, please write me as soon as possible. Btw : Iverson is 1 of the best point guards in NBA history !!! ( Keep on going AI ! )

  13. i love the answer 10 they look real good every on needs stop hatein 4 real the answer 10 r the 3 best shoe ever

  14. the reebok answer 10's are dope so don't hate. Are the red and black one's up for sale in a size 14? I wanna get those soo badly. message back with info on it if you can please. thanks

  15. Hi! I wanted to know is there available ANSWER X-PUMP but in black/red color? and size 9? and if not, is there some way that I could get them? I don't know, maybe in other shop or something.. please help

    I am from Latvia.

  16. you are all dumb these shoes came out when he played for the sixers if your not a big enough fan of iverson why are you worried about his shoes

  17. 少し色が違いますが、売っていますよ。もしよかったらメールアドレス教えて頂けませんか。

  18. where can I buy the answer X pump the black color and i’m size 9 us size I like it very much… can anyone can tell where can I buy tnx..