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Rajon Rondo Leaving Nike for Anta?


Is Rajon Rondo leaving Nike for Anta? Is this a bad move for business? As Anta – a China-based sportswear company – continues to build its roster with big names like Kevin Garnett, rumors suggest that Rondo could be the next to sign with the Chinese brand.

As next Summer welcomes a fresh new wave of free agents whose names include Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry, Rondo also makes for an ideal option as he begins next season as the Celtics’ front-man and leadership. Figuratively speaking, this is an exciting time for both parties as Anta looks to unlock the perfect candidate. In fact, the silhouettes below are said to be that of Pacers forward Luis Scola and Rajon Rondo. Don’t believe us? Check out the side-by-side comparisons!

Will you miss seeing Rajon Rondo ball in a pair of Foams or a Nike Air Max Hyperposite PE? Until we receive an official word from Nike or Anta, let us know what your thoughts are on the possibility of a move and keep it here at Sneaker Files for more.



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