Puma Unlimited High

Released around the late 1980s, the Puma Unlimited High is back again in two new color ways. Using Croc material, the two color ways are Black/Red and Purple/Orange. As of now, a release date has not been issued, but we will update you soon. Via Sneakerfreaker.

Puma Unlimited High

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  1. This is just wrong but nice at the same time. I think the below 25 set would wear this with their bright yellow "I Love NY" t-shirt

  2. would never think I would say this about a pair but these are just plain ugly!!

    sorry to those who like em… get your eyes checked!

    please dont hate on me! first time ever I have been harsh about a shoe:S

  3. i agree with that jimitoos dude..or whatever..

    these are just ugly…they would probly look better if the colorways werent so ugly and if they substituted the croc material with something else…i just think croc on sneaks is just plain uuuugly….

  4. i freaking love thesee! they are so sickk. =D

    i might get themm.

    and if i dont T_T suck it if i dont get themm.


  5. just got the red/black/white ones. to the haters, they do abit off on its side, but they do look sick when you where them. best feature is the tongue. they're also reccomended for people for wide feet coz its got a wide (but still looks good) sole. 10/10