Sonic Puma RS-0

This past week in Berlin, PUMA introduced the all-new Running System (RS) range to global industry movers and shakers, press and cool local crowd.

Guests were taken along a unique experience, first through the RS archive showcasing the OG styles from the 80’s – RS-Computer, RS-100 and RS-1, followed by the central installation where all-new RS iterations are displayed – the RS-0, RS-350, RS-100 and the RS-Computer.

Displayed in colored glass room installations were the RS-0 Sound, RS-0 Optic and RS-0 Gaming – all new styles that represent the RS stories of reinvention focusing on the different cultural pillars – Music, Photography and Gaming.

It was first time ever that PUMA unveiled their exciting new collaborations with SEGA, Polaroid, Roland and Ader Error. The RS-0 collaborative drops were on display within the pillars of reinvention rooms.

Below you can check out more images which will show you a better look at each model. You can expect them to start arriving at select retailers in June.

Sonic Puma RS-0

Sonic Puma RS-0

Roland Puma RS-0

Puma RS-0 Play

Puma RS-0 Sound

Puma RS-0 Optic Black

Puma RS-0 Optic Grey

Ader Puma RS-0 Computer

Ader puma RS-0

Ader puma RS-0 Black

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