Puma Fall 2009 First Round “Soda Pack”

As a sneakerhead who’s also a closet foodie, (Seriously, Travel Channel should let me co-host with Bourdain on No Reservations…) I’m enthralled with the PUMA First Round Pack. The reissued high-top borrows inspiration from the sugary carbonated drinks we all dig, and admittedly, drink too frequently. I’m guessing Sunkist and 7 UP encouraged these particular First Round Mids, but am interested in hearing what you guys think, too. The PUMA First Round “Soda Pack” should release sometime later this year. Via hs.

Puma Fall 2009 First Round “Soda Pack”


  1. haha

    yo these collaborations tht Puma is doin r rele cool n interesting

    i like their ideas

    maybe Nike SB shud step it up with their ideas

    cuz although Puma may not be as big as Nike

    theyre definitely showing they've got a whole lot more cre8tivity than Nike!!!!

    im not hatin on Nike

    jus sayin they gotta step up their ideas

    especially wit their SB line


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