Puma Clyde YO! MTV Raps Part 2

If you remember the late 1980s then you remember YO! MTV Raps, and last year Puma made a tribute to the show by releasing some special YO! MTV Raps Puma Clyde’s. Today, we have found out that Puma will once again release Part 2 of the Puma Clyde MTV Raps which six pairs will release paying tribute to some Hip Hop Legends. Pictured above are the following models dedicated to MC Shan (Red), Big Daddy Kane (Black) and Ed Lover (White), click below for more color ways. Via Sneakernstuff.

Puma Clyde YO! MTV Raps Part 2

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  1. still trying to find the first release in either colorway for a decent price. this is music to my ears..hopefully these ones wont be so limited.

  2. Yo these are so cold. I am looking for the retail price still though. Every website I go to ony talks about them but gives no retail on em. Does any 1 know the price of these pumas?