Protege Fat Joe Sneakers - They Sick

With most signature sneakers retailing over $100, it is always nice to see someone caring about those that are less fortunate than others. Protege recently added Fat Joe to their list of sponsorships, and are set to unveil this model later in the year for a retail price of $34.99. We showed you a preview of Fat Joe’s first signature sneaker, The Recession, back in March, and we now have a look at his second model. This pair hosts a nubuck upper accented by a patent leather strap, a perforated toebox, a white mid-sole, and several red accents. As previously mentioned, Fat Joe’s Protege sneakers are now available at K-Mart stores for $34.99

Protege Fat Joe Sneakers - They Sick

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  1. The shoe is not bad but come on joey crack you could of done better than kmart at least reebok but kmart ,

  2. its cool to see someone give back for real thats whats wrong with the game now its leaning towards the rich or cornball dudes who will pay $300 for something thats worth maybe $100. i wish it would go back to the old days where everybody wore different joints like etonics, spot bilt, brooks, and etc. and still look dope.

  3. I feel you on that one bobby… I remember myself back in 93 when I was like 5 wearing my british knights and ponys… haha damn those were the days…

  4. That's smart of Fat Joe as well because, a lot of people can afford 35 bucks for a pair of kicks. On top of the fact that they don't look that bad, it's gonna be like the South Pole of sneakers.

  5. they are super gay i wuldnt waste 35 bukson dem n southpole sneaks are da wakests itz all bout js n nikes

  6. Idiots like Louis King need to STFU and open their eyes. For every person that buys a $150 Jordan, there is a hundred that can barely afford to buy $30 shoes. In life, there are things called bills, mortgage/rent, groceries, gas, etc that make it hard to get your bare necessities let alone the 'flyest' Nikes or J's. You dipshit….

  7. ok after the yeezys came out every rapper thinks they need there own shoe line and there rushing it and making it suck. take ur time fat joe u got the sickest shoes but i cant draw for $hit

  8. ohhh now everybody wanna bring out a shoe,His fat feet probly cant even fit in those shoes lol na but on some real shit those are wackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  9. Wow, I can't believe how shallow some of you are. Life isn't all about Jordans and Air Force Ones. Hate him or love him Joe has one of the sickest collections in the world. By doing this he not only acknowldges these hard times but, he shows that he cares for people that can't afford to do what he does. Shaq and Olajuwon did it back in the day because they recognize that kids look up to them and most of the time can't afford high dollar, signature sneakers. You guys really need to grow up…..

  10. i kinda take back wat i said i didnt see the price tag on em. 34.99 is actualy good for this economy

  11. look cool concept and ya affordable but now the less fortunate kids are gonna get teased for werin kmart sneakers it was a great idea but if a cheaper shoe could actually survive in a champs or FL store then maybe theyd have something

  12. its nice for the kids who cant cop the fresh J's and Nikes….but K-Mart aint cuttin it. I aint had K-Mart shoes since kindergarden. Kids know whats hot and they wont want to cop these from there.

    CGAR is right.

    As for ya boy….i'll keep payin $200-$500 for my heat before i rock these

  13. can fat joe really help carry a shoe company? hell no. do people really still listen to him? i've always trashed him and his music just like the trash shoes these isn't even fresh. these look like generic skate shoes.

  14. Common Sense…why you trashing people that buy j's and nikes. this is a sneaker website GTFO if you don't like those kicks lol and don't tell people how to run their ****

  15. @timcinnati Pap didn't do **** to Joe. Pap just some underground rapper that cant even get on mainstream…

    Sneakers look ok to me but I agree kids don't wanna be seen buyin sneakers from K-mart

  16. The King Of Kicks is now also The King Of Caring–Signature sneakers at a "can afford price" There's a lot of dudes out on the street kicken high with their Fat Joes. Good move Joe, know that you could have gone with a higher priced sneaker–Thanks much for caring about your many fans.

  17. man these hot yea i got j's and nikes but i'll still cop these for my fav rapper they sick……gggggggg g-unot

  18. damn most of these comments or so negative, shallow and materialistic, wow, you can hate the shoe and fat joe all you want but he is a smart business man, think about the people that actually buy hip hop music ITS WHITE PEOPLE true story, so he's catering not only to the urban community and folks with low income but also to white folk that want a piece of hip hop culture, and he's gonna make a killing trust and believe this is a good business move, i personally think the shoe is ok i think he should release a higher quality shoe at the dopest shoe spots around the country and make them limited so they hold some legitimate value amongst true sneaker heads

  19. They SUCK!!!! had them for a week and there is a hole in them! i know it 39.99 put shit wack

  20. Really, ALL of the shoes you people are talking about ar e made in damn China to begin with!!! Probably most of them at the same sweatshops!!! Sure the outside may say Nike but check the inside of your tounge and betcha it says China!!! If the shoe is quality, who gives a sh*t. Materialistic madonnas!

  21. Jose aka Fat Joe of The Terror Squad need to invest in some young creative and bright shoe designers for more urban and street concepts, To add to his brand or company. So that he gain better results from the consumers and the fans/which they can be looked at as a potentially important buyer of your product on a regular bases. I feel like this will be a good look for Joey Crak Thee Don If he named his next Protege Shoe project ”THE BRONX TERRORIZORS” 2012-2013