If you’re like me, you spend many a sleepless night pondering the managerial moves of sneaker companies. (I hope you’re not like me.) A large portion of my gloaming twilight is spent discerning why some products release, and then where some pundits gathered the data necessarty to recieve the go-ahead to manufacutre a design. And in all seriousness, I was about to “Lose Control” when I saw these adidas Missy Elliot Remix Ultra-Highs. Really Missy? This is hardly Supa Dupa Fly. I’m one of the biggest adidas fans on the Internet–I’m behind the Brotherhood campgain, Creator, Thrillrahna and Bounce product 110%. But I can’t “Get My Freak On” (Nor would I want any girl I associate myself with to, either.) in this dual-strapped, lacelet-laden, Shelltoed monstrosity. Please, don’t “Sock This 2 Me” again! If you’re against everything I stand for, you can purchase them here.

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  1. until recently there wasnt much more that i hated than addias….but missy was one of them….shoes as ugly as she is