Pro-Keds x Swizz Beatz

Pro Keds has started their artist series, they have teamed up with Swizz Beatz to design the Pro Keds pictured above. The pair above has very nice detailed engravings and at the moment they will only be available at Pro Keds.

Pro-Keds x Swizz Beatz

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  1. These kicks are so sick!!!!!!!! I saw these last summer. It was like the end of July. I was about to cop them but they didn't have my size. Where can I get these from though?

  2. Already Swizzy Good on the mic, as a producer and then he releases these shoe, i am really fillin Swizzy rite now.

  3. Those zapatos r tight!!! i like the high top ones tha best tho!!! Plus I LOVE SWIZZ BEATZ!!!!!! tHIS IS HIS BIGGEST FAN RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have a pair of Swizz Beatz Pro-Keds limited edition, mens size 13. They are used, but in great condition. Anyone know what they ae worth?