Back before AND1 fell off, the Le Habra, California-based brand built quite the rapport with both NBA players and NCAA teams. Nearly 25% of the athletes in the League were sporting the “Player logo” and teams like the Wyoming Cowboys and Pacific Tigers were outfitted in the brand’s footwear and apparel. The Tigers were hit off with an exclusive pair of the ’05-06 Devastate Mid in white/black/team orange with a Harmonix heel unit and Pac’s “Tiger” logo stitched on the medial side below the ankle. If anyone has a pair of Wyoming Cowboys AND1 Mystiques in a size 12-14, hit me off in a reply, we need to do business! Devastates courtesy of eBay seller Noleyjoesmom.


  1. I snoozed on these! Been trying to get a pair for a few years now! IF you snagged them, I am willing to shell out $150 for them, let me know~



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