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Player Exclusive Rewind: Kurt Thomas’s adidas a3 Clutch Mid

Journeyman drive the latest Mercedes Benz to practice; journeyman also get hit off with player exclusives. Kurt Thomas, no slight on the big guy, is the epitome of the voyaging NBA’er, peregrinating from team to team, collecting checks, making money, contributing to his team when necessary, and having a pretty good time with goldigging women at the club. (Jeff Garcia, didn’t T.O. call you gay? Hope you’re not too displeased!) Carmellas and Carmelos aside, KT is a member of the vaunted adidas Brotherhood. In ’06, the brand hit him off with a gorgeous white/blue/orange iteration of a3 Clutch Mid, a racing inspired shoe complimented by heel-oriented a3 struts creating a delightful feel underfoot. Comfortable and easy on the eyes. (I’m thinking Jeff Garcia again.) Thomas’s initials are stitched on the ankle strap, while his number 40 is inscribed on the heel. If you’re feeling the Clutch, head over to eBay where you can grab them here. Garcia’s wife not included.

Brian Betschart
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