It’s finally here! A couple weeks back, we previewed Playboy’s Top 23 Air Jordan’s with Francesca Frigo’s take on Nike’s Mars Blackmon commercial. Today, we bring you good news. The Top 23 List is finally here featuring a nice variety of Playboy “Solemates” including Francesca Frigo, Jaime Edmondson, Jessica Burciaga, Patrice Hollis, Hiromi Oshima, Tiffany Taylor, Candice Cassidy, Kimberly Phillips and Heather Rae Young all glammed up with the most popular Air Jordans in history. Check out the preview below for a taste of what Playboy has lined up for us J heads, or for the good stuff, check out

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  1. that’s easy 1-23 why did playboy think they were doing something awsome? All j’s up until they stop numbering them are the greatest jordan’s ever