Persévérer™ New Sneaker Line

Persévérer™ is made up of three people: Brandon Williamson, Jermaine Barnwell, and DJ Grant. The first model in the Persévérer™ line is the Coalition. The shoe itself has a laid back kind of feel. The line officially drops April 13th, 2007 and at that time frame Persévérer™ will host a Release Party in Detroit Michigan. Special appearances by slum village, willie the kid of DJ Drama’s AMG label, and will also feature a tribute to J Dilla on Friday the 13th. The Coalition will release a day early, and released at All City Kicks in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


  1. i likey!! A LOT!! will it release in chicago?!? huge fan of willie the kid!! anything he's doin, im on it twice!! any more info on the line? website?! contact!? store listing?! i really like it, but would love to see it in some other colors..nice sleek design..reminiscent of something more designer/high end department style..get my grown woman on all day!!

  2. That shoe is madddd hotttt! This shoe is gonna be off the charts! Im your number one fan! People dont have a clue on whats coming to them!

  3. who are these cats?!?? where are they from?! kinda wish i had some history of some sort..but whatever, id cop..i wanna know if they'll be in chicago as well…Leaders or St. Alfreds?!?!

  4. Nice… I like the simplicity of it.The design isn't so extravagant that it takes away from the shoe itself.For me it's important that a shoe coordinates with a variety of outfits and this one works! Good job guys! Can't wait to see it walking down the streets!

  5. Ok B, I CU…the feed back is very positive and the sneak is show-stoppin (but then again, u already know that!)…onward, upward!!!

  6. Hottness!!!!! Bubble Gum Sole on some all white's is my sh**. I am gonna be the first cat in the Ru to be rockin' these boys. Long live the movement and keep poppin the hottness. One.

  7. Okay Okay this is that deal cant wait till it drops im proud of my peoples at perseverer they on the grind doin they thing we need more innovative groups like these brothas right here what otha colors are the shoe gonna be in i need some whites and some blacks size 12 pimpin…1 luv

  8. The Show is different but stylish! Mad for a night on the town grown and sex or hangin out on campus! Ya'll did it again! I love it!

  9. Really like the shoe. Really impressive. Its classy but chill. I will make a visit to Detroit to see the rest of the line. Can't wait!!

  10. im feeling the shoe DJ…is it going to come in different colors? ya know im leaving and boxing pro in vegas now under Floyd Mayweather, so i need to get a pair so i can put the phithy rich crew on 'em.

  11. I'm feeling the shoe. It has a versatile look! MAN…I see I'll be in the Rap next year to get up on the Persévérer

  12. I'd definitely rock these boys. just in time for the summer. oh, by the way, comment on the shoe, not cause they're alumni. Give props to the shoes 1st. Holla

  13. Can't stop comin back to look at this shoe!!! very hot!!!! Very versitile, but yet classy!!!! Cant wait till it drops, gonna cop me a pair…or two!!!

  14. Peace bruhs,

    I like the new concept, it's definitely cool in a sporty casual way, but thats prolly what u were goin for! I think the ladies reaction would actually be the deciding factor to tip the scales and from what I can tell ya goin straight for the moon baby yeah! Much success in your future endeavors as well, u got my support.

  15. NICE! The shoe looks amazing and the post is great! Has there been any local coverage? I've been looking out. I'm so excited for you guys, I can't wait until the shoe comes out!

  16. Ummm…I came across this link and thought your shoes should be here if they are not there alread. Go to…good luck


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