Vandal-A and Packer Shoes of New Jersey have teamed up to release a new t-shirts using Bugs Bunny and the original Looney Tunes and WB logo to incorporate both sides. The t-shirts are available in grey and black with the Bugs Bunny Air Jordan logo with the original logo at the back of the shirts. Both colors will be exclusively sold at Vandal-A’s website and at both Packer locations. Retail is set at $30.

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  1. t shirt is hot garbage. stop making little kid t shirts for men. these are cool if they come in little kid sizes but not for grown- ups. the trend with men wearing all the rainbow bright colors are gone. grow up

  2. r these guys stupid? this shirt is fuckin hot!! i need shirts to match my 7's (Hare Jordans) and this shit is perfect! Vandal-A makes dope shirts for real sneakerheads!