OSD - Obsessive Sneaker Disorder Talk Show

With the growing interest of sneaker culture, it is only right that a new outlet besides the internet has been launched to for people to express their passion for sneakers. OSD or better known as Obsessive Sneaker Disorder is the name of the latest talk show to pop up. Each week, host Dee Wells and the 5 other cast members will be discussing topics regarding the sneaker industry. Furthermore, a special guest will be invited to provide insight and news. OSD will be featured on talkshoe.com, a website devoted to internet talk shows. The site offers live streaming and chat. The shows will be recorded live and offered in the form of pod cast videos in different formats. OSD will be airing every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m EST and 6:30 PST on talkshoe.com.


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  1. Did you ever listen???

    Iff not maybe you should I did and I did and Dee Wells and Paperchaser are close to the source with interviews with storeowners, designers moviestars etc.


  2. Yo….I listened to these fools and at first i was mad skeptical but they know their shit and that cat Dee is serious!! Didn't he used to do a video show about sneakers?

    I listen to OSD and download all the shows to my ipod!

  3. Not a bad podcast but they have a lot of production (sound quality) problems, some of the supporting co-hosts don't seem to add much to the mix and the show seem to always have phone issues. That being said what do you want for free so give them a chance. I miss the weekly drop. That was a tight podcast